Quality Policy

In 2019 Louritex began the implementation of the Quality Management System, according to the standard NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.


Design, manufacture, assembly and after-sales service of agricultural equipment, hydraulic cylinders and machinery for aggregate extraction, handling and physical processing of scrap and solid waste. Assistance to similar equipment from third parties. Manufacture and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Commerciaization of refurbished equipment.


Louritex, Lda. valuing the solidity of its structure and accumulated experience, intends to maintain a credible company image and complying with its legal and ethical obligations, ensuring the fair remuneration of capital and employees, recognizing commitment and merit and favoring learning and continuous improvement. Proud of its history and career, it privileges a relationship of closeness and trust with its customers and agents. The Company, aware of its responsibilities, strives for maintaining open and constructive relationships with all partners in its business line and other stakeholders.